Internet Wizards

Thursday 27th March 2014 will be our first session of Internet Wizards.

Internet Wizards is a drop in session for Parents and Carers which is hosted in our cafe.

Every Thursday, Parents and Carers will be shown a wide range of fun, interesting and educational resources.

We will use, desktops, laptops and iPads.

Parents and Carers will also be offered advice or tuition on anything that they request! (as long as it’s computer related!)

For more information, please call 0151 233 1969 and ask to speak to Matthew!



Internet Wizards


Baby Massage Practitioner Course

Are you looking to introduce Baby Massage into your Children’s Centre?

Need guidance for how to deliver Baby Massage?

Then book yourself a place on our Baby Massage for Practitioners Course.

A 4 day intensive course which will enable practitioners to deliver Baby Massage classes to Parents and their babies at their own settings.

Attendees will have an assignment to complete before receiving a recognised qualification from I.A.I.M (International Association Infant Massage)

The next courses are

Tuesday 11th March- Friday14th March 9.00am – 5.00pm

Tuesday 20th May- Friday 23rd May 9.00am- 5.00pm


Course tutor Sylvie Hetu

Cost £525.00

Active Families – Every Monday 3.30pm-5.30pm

Active Families is held in the Children’s Centre every Monday.

A range of games and activities are provided for families to enjoy.

Parents/Carers can also help cook the group meal.

‘Have your tea, for 50p!’  at 50p a plate you’ll be hard pressed to find food at better value, so come along next Monday at 3.30pm.

Baby Connect – Starts Tuesday 14th January at 9am.

Baby Connect is a wonderful course that will take place daily from Tuesday 14th January to Friday 24th January. 

Each day from 9.00am-11.30am you will have the opportunity to create a memory book, which will celebrate you and your child’s journey through life.

At the of the 9 day course you will get to keep your book.

For more information, please call 0151 233 1969.

Workshops for Parents/Carers January 2014

Our Children’s Centre team will be hosting a series of workshops this week for Parents/Carers.


Toilet Training: Tuesday 7th January 2014, Wednesday 8th January 2014.

The two session Toilet training course hosted by Paula and Angela will help Parents/Carers who are toilet training their child.

Sessions are at 9am-11am and repeated at 1pm-3pm.



Toothbrushing and Dump the Dummy: Thursday 9th January 2014

Learn all about the importance of dental hygiene for your child. 

Session at 9am-11am and repeated at 1pm-3pm.


Language development and Storytelling: Friday 10th January 2014

Help your child enjoy stories and song.

Session at 9am-11am and repeated at 1pm-3pm.


New Children’s Centre timetable 2014

Everton Timetable Jan – Mar 2014

Here is our Children’s Centre Activity Timetable for 2014.

Our groups for Parents/Carers are now run differently. We will be running them over a one week or two week period and parents can apply or refer themselves on to programs.

For more information about any of the activities/groups on the Timetable then please call 0151 233 1969.

Paediatric First Aid – Jan 2014

Paediatric First Aid – We will be delivering Paediatric First Aid for parents and carers who wish to be trained in this very important child safety program.

We are delivering one program for dads and male carers and one more for any other parents to come to.

Places are limited as we can only have 20 on each course. Please put your name down at Reception or call 0151 233 1969 if you are interested in Paediatric First Aid. This is for parents and carers who live in the Everton area only.