Lisa Leskien- My life as an intern.

My life as intern at Everton Nursery School and Family Centre

After spending the past three years in lectures and courses at university in Münster studying a lot about the theory and the history of pedagogy and education I felt it was time to go somewhere else to gain practical work experience. Not only this but also my personal curiosity and interest in getting to know different countries and cultures motivated me to do an internship for three months at Everton Nursery School and Family Centre in Liverpool.

Before my arrival on the 31th of March 2014 I haven’t been to this place. So I didn’t know what to expect neither from my internship nor from the town that I would be living in. A friend once told me “Liverpool is very, you should go there, you will like it” à So here I am and I like it.

Fortunately I got the chance to work in the Nursery School (Monday to Wednesday) as well as in the Family Centre (Wednesday to Friday). This gave me the opportunity to get to know two different sides of education and educational family support in early years. But it also showed me the importance of the connection between both sides.

By working in Spencer class in the Nursery School I learned a lot about teaching in early years education. Seeing the differences and similarities compared to a german kindergarten was very interesting for me. And of course I really enjoyed playing, reading and spending time with the children in Spencer 1 and 2.

Working in the Family Centre is very different to working in the Nursery School. No day is like the day before which gave me the chance to make a lot of different experiences.  Going out on home visits, supporting staff at courses or everything else was always very interesting, informative and a lot of fun for me.

I’m happy that I came here for my internship and got to know not only the nice area but also, and especially the wonderful, very supportive and helpful staff of Everton Nursery School and Family Centre.


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