Massage In Schools Programme (MISP)

A blog post by Sue Salkeld.


For the last 4 years the children here at Everton have had the privilege to experience a Massage in Schools Programme. The programme is a peer to peer fully clothed massage programme, where your child will be given the choice to massage a chosen friend. All children happily participate, if they choose not to then they can just sit quietly on the carpet with their peers and observe. Giving and receiving a Massage gives off a feel good hormone called Oxytocin and even if your child does not take part they will benefit from the calming qualities.

Massage has many benefits, the children become calmer and more receptive to learning, the children begin to respect each others feelings and fighting and rough play decreases….a little. Massage will improve your child’s health and well-being.

The whole Massage in Schools Programme was made for children aged 4-12 years and has 15 massage strokes, we realised this was too much to ask of our children as they are aged 2-4 years, so we chose 6 moves that the children do now. This has now been recognised by the founders of the programme who have called it Mini M.I.S.P. We are now proud to say Mini M.I.S.P. Is used internationally throughout the world, children throughout the world are now participating in the programme that began here at Everton.

During your Child’s day they will participate in a daily core programme of 6 massage strokes. Throughout the day they may also join in songs and rhymes with massage strokes and also some stories I have added some massage strokes to, this captures your Childs imagination, improves their listening skills and also improves their hand eye co-ordination amongst other qualities.

Since September 2012 myself and Kate Norfolk, a Trainer in MI.S.P. have been to local schools promoting a growing passion for this massage programme. We have visited Our Lady’s, The Beacon and All Saints, the teachers have commented on noticing how calm and “different” the children are who have joined their school from our Centre, massage has been a positive influence on this.

All of the schools have taken willingly taken on this programme and like ourselves grown passionate about it. The teachers have all commented on how much their children look forward to the massage sessions and how it has made a huge impact on their classes. All of the schools have wanted staff trained in this programme ensuring it continues and grows within their schools. All Saint’s are sending 6 staff to be trained in the near future.

Here at Everton we now have 5 staff trained and qualified as Instructors myself Sue Salkeld, Kerry Dolan, Lynne Gregory, Julie Antonia and Hayley Dalton, with lots more hoping to attend training here at Everton in November and onwards.

In Liverpool  we are striving to make our proud City the best and first City to have children’s settings using the Massage in Schools Programme, we are well on our way to hopefully succeeding.

Here is to our future…………

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