Choose Freedom: Free travel support for adults in Everton and Kirkdale.

Have you heard about Choose Freedom?

Choose Freedom is a Department for Transport funded scheme which helps adults in Everton and Kirkdale to travel to either a new job or an interview.

Types of support include

• Dayrider bus tickets and one day Saveaways
• Cycling and walking routes, advice and training
• Weekly or monthly Solo and Trio tickets
• Travel plans for getting to your new job or interview
• Merseytravel ‘Bike For Work’ referral

Travel support can be issued to any resident aged 16 or over for travelling to a
job interview, job start, work trials and vocational training for up to one month.
Applicants must:
• Live in the Kirkdale and Everton area
• Have an offer of employment or training for at least 16 hours per week
(agency work is included in this)
• Currently be unemployed or economically inactive
• Not employed within walking distance of home address
• Provide evidence of interview, job start or training
• Agree to follow-up contact
Training and vocational work criteria for travel support:
• You must be training for 16hrs or more a week or up to 3 days travel
• You must be able to provide details of training or vocational placement
• Training must be related to developing skills and confidence to finding


For more information please contact Jason Bradley on 

Tel: 0151 482 5706
Twitter: @freedom_L5




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