Eco School Ambassador status awarded to Everton Nursery School and Family Centre

We’ve just received the telephone call and the tweet to confirm that we have been awarded Eco-School Ambassador status.



This is a brilliant achievement for Everton Nursery School and Family Centre and reflects all of the hard work of our Environmental Teacher, Lesley Donohue and of our Eco Commitee.

See below for more information about the Eco School Ambassador Role.

The Eco-Schools Ambassador role

An Eco-School Ambassador is an inspirational flagship school of the Eco-Schools programme that has completed in-depth work on all nine Eco-Schools topics and ensured sustainability is embedded into the curriculum. As an Eco-School they have successfully delivered change in the culture of the school. An Eco-Schools Ambassador will be able to demonstrate successful pupil and community interaction and are supporting and sharing information and advice with other schools and Eco-Communities (Eco-Homes and Eco-Schools).

Being an Eco-Schools Ambassador is not a next step as a Green Flag Eco-School, the school aims to fulfil a position of responsibility and is given the role for two years. The role is undertaken by inspirational Green Flag schools that currently extend their support and commitment to sustainability and the wider community. Our Ambassadors are leaders, who are the forefront of the Eco-Communities campaign, they extend the ethos of Eco-Schools far beyond the school gates.


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