Choose Freedom: Free travel support for adults in Everton and Kirkdale.

Have you heard about Choose Freedom?

Choose Freedom is a Department for Transport funded scheme which helps adults in Everton and Kirkdale to travel to either a new job or an interview.

Types of support include

• Dayrider bus tickets and one day Saveaways
• Cycling and walking routes, advice and training
• Weekly or monthly Solo and Trio tickets
• Travel plans for getting to your new job or interview
• Merseytravel ‘Bike For Work’ referral

Travel support can be issued to any resident aged 16 or over for travelling to a
job interview, job start, work trials and vocational training for up to one month.
Applicants must:
• Live in the Kirkdale and Everton area
• Have an offer of employment or training for at least 16 hours per week
(agency work is included in this)
• Currently be unemployed or economically inactive
• Not employed within walking distance of home address
• Provide evidence of interview, job start or training
• Agree to follow-up contact
Training and vocational work criteria for travel support:
• You must be training for 16hrs or more a week or up to 3 days travel
• You must be able to provide details of training or vocational placement
• Training must be related to developing skills and confidence to finding


For more information please contact Jason Bradley on 

Tel: 0151 482 5706
Twitter: @freedom_L5




Cake Masterclass

Wednesday 22nd May 1pm -2.15pm.

Come along and join Lesley Curtis for a Cake Making Masterclass. Cakes will be sold as children leave nursery to help generate money for School Fund.


School Fund has been used in the past to purchase iPads, books for children and help pay for coaches to enable children to visit Formby Pinewoods.Image

Eco School Ambassador status awarded to Everton Nursery School and Family Centre

We’ve just received the telephone call and the tweet to confirm that we have been awarded Eco-School Ambassador status.



This is a brilliant achievement for Everton Nursery School and Family Centre and reflects all of the hard work of our Environmental Teacher, Lesley Donohue and of our Eco Commitee.

See below for more information about the Eco School Ambassador Role.

The Eco-Schools Ambassador role

An Eco-School Ambassador is an inspirational flagship school of the Eco-Schools programme that has completed in-depth work on all nine Eco-Schools topics and ensured sustainability is embedded into the curriculum. As an Eco-School they have successfully delivered change in the culture of the school. An Eco-Schools Ambassador will be able to demonstrate successful pupil and community interaction and are supporting and sharing information and advice with other schools and Eco-Communities (Eco-Homes and Eco-Schools).

Being an Eco-Schools Ambassador is not a next step as a Green Flag Eco-School, the school aims to fulfil a position of responsibility and is given the role for two years. The role is undertaken by inspirational Green Flag schools that currently extend their support and commitment to sustainability and the wider community. Our Ambassadors are leaders, who are the forefront of the Eco-Communities campaign, they extend the ethos of Eco-Schools far beyond the school gates.