World Book Day

It’s World Book day on Thursday 1st March.

Go to to have a look at some really fun games all themed around books.

A whole timetable of events will be confirmed next week!


Solar Panels

As an Eco School, Everton Nursery School and Family Centre were invited to apply for solar panels through a scheme called ‘Free Power for Schools.’
Paul Ashton (Site Manager) applied on our behalf through printing maps out to find out how much of the building’s roofs were both sloped and south facing. After calculating these totals Paul sent the application off and was successful.
On Thursday 1st December engineers arrived and started installing the panels and all the relevant equipment.

Altogether 96 Monocrystalline panels have been installed. All the energy produced by the panels is put into the National Grid.
A meter with a SIM card keeps a tally of how much electricity is produced and a payment is made by the Government for the Electricity made here at Everton.